Freude Schenken

On display are 73 artworks by 50 participating artists

If you are interested in one of the works, it is possible to exchange it for something that you have with you. The item should be at your discretion based on the value of the artwork. Please approach the supervisor. The supervisor  will accompany the exchange. The action is documented in film and photography. By participating you agree to the further use of the documented material for my artistic work. If you have any questions about the exhibited artists or the project itself, please contact the supervisory authority. The contact details of the participants are also stored there.

Participating artists

Marco Biermann
Nicolas Sippel
Zoe Dittrich–Wamser
Gregor Schneider
Kyoung Hyun Min
Luc Palmer
Alesha Klein
Sabrina Staub
Hiroki Tanaka
Thimo Franke
Tomas Kleiner
Melina Milosavljevic
Dahye Son
Lea Marie Lepper
Sara Rossi
Eunyoung Go
Hagen Keller
Hyun Jee Lee
Mirjam Falkensteiner
Fridolin Schoch
Kanade Hamawaki
Klara Virnich
Marcel Stahn
Yiy Zhang
Minji Kang
Anonymous artist
Marlon Boesherz
Laura Sachs
Jaewon Kim
Paulina Hoffmann
Moritz Krauth
Dora Celentano
Markus Müller
Dawn Chun
Lena Mogwitz
Vera Zlatic
Ji hyung Song
Sevina Tzanou
Say Klinger
Denys Goldvenko
Paula Kamps
Lea Marie Lepper
Hyunjin Kim
Phillipe Nilles
Jieun Lee
Andrea Marcellier
Katharina Emons
Fabian Ruzicka
Nara Baik
Donja Nasseri

The artist list was created in the order in which the works were exchanged.

 First day

last day

Work/Exhibitions History

73 Artworks of 50 artists, wood
400x350x150 cm, dimensions and sizes variable
Photo: Ji hyung Song


Neue Welle, Kaarst Rathaus Galerie, Kaarst, DE 2017