Yellow Monsters
We, Ji hyung Song and Nara Bak , founded an artist collective group against Asian Racism in 2020. Since COVID-19 spread intensely in Europe, racism against Asian people became more visibly agitated than before. Asians have been indiscriminately insulted in public facilities, in the city center, on streets and in the subway and accused of being the culprits of the pandemic. Not only in public, but also in social media, they have been exposed to racist comments since the outbreak of the virus. are part of this discourse through our identity, we take this starting position as an opportunity to share our situation and the processing of the existing racist structures with the public and thus to develop artistic tools that counteract the racist structures in our society. want to act against Asianracism and propose the possibility that movement, campaign and art can take place simultaneously.

Ching Chang Chong - Now you know this is racism

Angst Essen Seele Auf

Work/Exhibitions History


Ching Chang Chong-Now you know this is racism, Public spaces in city center, Düsseldorf DE 2021

Angst Essen Seele Auf, Privat Artist Studio, Düsseldorf, DE  (Event of Collective Yellow Monsters, Privat Invitaition)