Ruhe im Teegarten

Ji hyung Song projects a coexistence of cultures in her installation “Quiet in the Tea Garden”, a space in which tradition and the present, German and Korean culture merge. In this, Song offers visitors a tea ceremony in which, in contrast to Korean tradition Instead of dried tea leaves, fresh herbs are used that grow on the walls. Equipped with low tables made of natural, solid burl wood, which are held by hand-made pottery legs, the visitor settles on the floor, surrounded by a white futuristic design that the traditional pottery, also of tea ware, is counteracted and the space can be experienced as an abstract spatial structure. The space is an alternative to a world in which everything is getting faster and faster and increasing from real-time data transmission and instant communication via WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. and thus of a certain dematerialization by the is shaped by new technologies. Ji hyung Song counteracts this phenomenon, as in other installations, with nature that can be sensually experienced, handmade and personal attention.

Text: Stefanie Lucci

Work/Exhibitions History

2018 Participatory Performance
Five piece of wood table with ceramic legs, ceramic tee pots and cups, four different herbs, carpet,  sitting cusions
Dimensions and sizes variable
Photo: Ji hyung Song


Follow Up 2018, PwC, Düsseldorf, DE, 2018